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Ruins of Xibalba - Gobeklitepe CS

Ruins of Xibalba - Gobeklitepe CS

Orko Productions

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Ruins of Xibalba's debut album “Gobeklitepe”, explores thematically the first known remains of humankind – Gobekli Tepe – a Neolithic archaeological site in Southeastern Antatolia, Turkey. Many are already familiar with Oytun Bektaş as the prolific artist behind “Tir”-Turkey's first Dungeon Synth project.

Bektas, who has been living in Australia for some time now, continues his musical career with his side project “Ruins of Xibalba”. A one-man project just like Tir, Ruins of Xibalba's “Gobeklitepe” album has already attracted great interest from concept album lovers around the world.

Establishing his own music company, Bektas has released Ruins Of Xibalba’s debut album through his own “Orko Productions” label. Continuing to work with local and global musicians, Bektas has also included a remix of the song “Reverie” from the album, by Australian dark ambient noise band Yetzer. Bektas, who carries out all the recordings, mixing and mastering processes of the album, attempts to bring the deep traces of this ancient history to us here in modern times, utilising his unique musical intuition which has been heavily influenced through his extensive research into the mysteries of our past. - Press release