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Rot TV - Tales of Torment LP

Rot TV - Tales of Torment LP

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Look I know you've been burnt by the sales pitch of a timeless rock 'n' roll band before, only to discover you've been tricked into listening to another lifeless group of lab created skinny guys in those little train driver hats. But trust us, Rot TV plays rock music... that rocks!

Members of Miss Destiny, Annihilation Time and Teargas (the list could go on) have come together to make a band with no obvious one-dimensional adenga, bringing together bits n' pieces from rock's rich history in a way that feels creative, fun and intuitive.

Think Blue Oyster Cult's mixture of heavy sci-fi and good time rock n' roll, or even Radio Birdman at their most BOC-ish, The Rolling Stones and The Sweet's influence on the Sunset Strip, a bit of Motor City Madness (Alice Cooper, MC5), early AC/DC, The Donnas move from Ramones fanatics to Kiss obsessives... I was even reminded of Richard Meltzer’s VOM for some reason. In short, there’s a lot to like! - Nic