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Ross Manning - Some Technical Drawings LP

Ross Manning - Some Technical Drawings LP

Shame File Music

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Ross 'The Boss of Contemporary New Media Art' Manning returns with another sound/art object that's sure to upset some concerned with the sanctity of pristine vinyl (contains three custom hand-applied locked grooves) that fawn over hefty gatefold sleeves that push the product into the next postage weight bracket (covers hand ripped by the artist).

While Manning's kinetic sound sculptures work in the art world, I want to assure those sceptical of institutionalised music that the sounds here (and elsewhere in his catalogue) fit equally as well in a be-stilted, bong-ridden Brisbane house show, or any other independent spaces where weird and wild sound exploration lives.

I hear kindred spirits in Club Sound Witches, Moondog and The Dead C (particularly Future Artists which clicked about 10 years too late). I love it's potential to upset untight "trads", and more importantly the sounds! - Nic