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Ros Bandt and LIME - Soft and Fragile LP

Ros Bandt and LIME - Soft and Fragile LP

Efficient Space

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Finally a collection of works from one of Australia’s premier instrument builders and experimental musicians! 

This latest LP from Efficient Space pulls together a set of tracks from instrument builder/sound sculptor/improviser Ros Bandt and the collective she was part of, LIME (Live Improvised Music Ensemble), and extensive liner notes with overviews of the tracks and performers. 

Bandt and LIME’s music (as with a lot of that conducted in and around the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre they was involved in during the late 70s/early 80s) makes music well beyond the materials at hand. Drawing upon precedents in instrument building in the world of New Music such as Harry Partch, wine bottles are here transformed into her flagong instrument, producing droning bell sounds, like a gamelan orchestra recorded underwater. Hypnotic music, not to be played loud, but at a “soft and fragile” level.

-Mitch (Repressed Records)