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Rory Salter - On the Floor, by the Door CD

Rory Salter - On the Floor, by the Door CD

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The two main ideas behind the music are to make use of domestic and work situations. Most of it was recorded in a new flat I moved into last year. The place had a really interesting acoustic and after so many years of making music in whatever flat I was living in I wanted to do something where you could really hear the place it was recorded/the surrounding area. So a lot of the recordings are done in different locations in the flat, and often re-played back into the flat and recorded using different speakers and microphones. A lot of material was recorded whilst performing usual domestic activities and would spend quite a lot of time running between rooms doing other tasks at the same time as recording. The name of the 'On the Floor, by the Door' track is because that's where I recorded a fair bit of it, by the front door. It's in a similar way that I used and included my job in the pieces.

I work as a sound technician at a university in the day and as a sound engineer in the evenings a couple times a week. I've been thinking (and talking a lot of shit) about work and art making recently and I’m really into stuff where the persons found some way to include their day job in their art in a way that sort of re-purposes the skills, materials, time etc of work. So anyway I did a lot of this, really thinking about skills I've picked up and making the effort to borrow some really otherwise unattainable equipment. I thought a lot about space and acoustic-ness during the process so a lot of it again is about me wanting sound to exist within a space; reamping sounds into spaces, or recording synthesised sounds through different speakers positioned in ways to filter and alter the sound. A lot of these practices are things I've developed and talked about a lot at work. Friends also feature quite a bit in relatively candid ways and crop up in recordings here and there. I guess there's a desire to get to a point of a 'life' music, where it feels a bit everyday and blurs the line a bit, that's when things are most interesting to me.

- Rory Salter