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Robert Pollard - From A Compund Eye LP

Robert Pollard - From A Compund Eye LP

GBV Inc.

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Double-vinyl gatefold reissue of Guided By Voices frontman’s most celebrated solo album.

Got tipped off about this reissue of Robert Pollard’s From A Compound Eye by a GBV-tragic mate of mine - “I swear, this one is a good one” he told me.

And y’know even though I reckon he thinks every GBV/Robert Pollard album is worth the listen, he’s not wrong about this one. Pollard’s first solo album after dissolving Guided By Voices in 2004 is replete with his usual cryptic lyrics and power pop vocal melodies, but the band and approach is obviously different. The lo-fi garage of GBV is there in places, but is more often than not accompanied with even heavier rocker riffs, sparkling psychedelia, and something (at times) that seems higher-fi with higher production than other GBV releases.
-Mitch (Repressed Records)