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Robbie Thunder x Rude Television - Split CS

Robbie Thunder x Rude Television - Split CS

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robbie thunder

The ramones were once called the smartest dumb band of all time. In which case, Newcastle based power-pop heartthrob robbie thunder is probably the second or third smartest dumb band (or artist) of all time - at least the last 15 minutes. Drum machines, excessive amounts of slapback echo delivered in 3 chords or less on a silver straight-to-tape platter. 17 songs about rock n roll to ruin any nice occasion.

rude television

Rude television out of florida encapsulate the pleasant feeling of being mugged by way of getting beaten senseless with a fender jazzmaster. Drum driven rock n roll with a barrage of guitar in the passenger seat and synth in the back. The perfect company for driving off a cliff and exploding into a fiery wreck at the wheel of a luxury rental car before playing down the happenings of your weekend at the office watercooler the next morning.