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Rhuncle - Royal Blue CS

Rhuncle - Royal Blue CS

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One of the premiere ambient artists of our time, Rhucle's Yuta Kudo once again invites us into his soft-focus world with 'Royal Blue.' Kudo's been unbelievably prolific since he started releasing music in 2013, with over sixty releases to his name. In the process he's developed and refined an unmistakable sound: washes of synthesizers, field recordings, and subtle production flourishes masterfully layered into deceptively disarming zones.

More importantly, he's honed in on a feeling: a hypnotic, curious headspace more akin to cloud watching than pressing play on a record. The emphasis on simplicity and refinement across dozens of releases betrays a creative philosophy that quietly pushes against the always-on status quo: there's magic in the familiar, change does not equal progress, it's okay to do less.

So 'Royal Blue' is not a revelation, nor is it meant to be. Rather, it creates a space to encourage and enhance moments of rest and rejuvenation: relaxing in your room, strolling through the local park, enjoying a cool glass of water. It's another cup from an ever-flowing fount: always there, always refreshing, take a sip at any time.