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Revv - Amusia CS

Revv - Amusia CS

Under Heat

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From Under Heat Records... "a lotta media likes to glorify this idea of driving down a long, seemingly endless highway in a seemingly endless desert, littered with tumbleweeds and roadkill for kilometers or miles depending on where you're located on earth. All of this is meant to be sound tracked by music with a sense of directionless and rebellious fear. REVV is what i would imagine is jammed in this rust buckets tape deck

REVV is one kid in the bum fuck town of Mount Gambier, SA. A blue lake and some nice trees normally inspires folk rock or skeggs fans, both of which i equally loathe. REVV is the outlier, slotting perfectly into a Useless Eaters and Gee Tee mixtape, REVVs songs carry all the emotion in their riffs and spacious headphone filling sound as the subsonic particles descramble how you eat, sleep and breath

Nothing is bloated, overdone or overmixed. Everything feels right like that rotted pair of jeans you always gravitate towards every time you go out to live your stupid life. Maybe REVV can be the break from your stupid life that you needed so badly" - Billiam