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Red Wine And Sugar - A Population Of Indoor Cats LP

Red Wine And Sugar - A Population Of Indoor Cats LP

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Post-industrial domestic creepers with nods to water cooler chit chat and majestic synth pop!

The Melbourne duo of Samaan Fieck and Mark Groves have been making music together as Red Wine and Sugar since at least 2015. They’ve come into the store’s orbit, and my personal collection, on previous releases but last year’s ‘A Population of Indoor Cats’ pushes them into a new realm of unsettling-ness and musicality. You could draw a line right back to 20th century composers Robert Ashley and Alvin Lucier, or ‘invert’ the blown speaker machismo of Broken Flag records to create a Soft-Power Electronics dynamic. It’s a kind of a post-Lambkin (as in the Kye Records and Shadow Ring fellow) domestic musique-concrete reluctantly pushed into a musical shape.

Eerie, seductive spoken lyrics merge mundane middle-class wellness small talk with antisocial atrocities as if all a part of one condition. Electro-acoustic sound sources are panned, EQ’d, process and arranged with subtly and tact, colliding with keyboards and faint rhythm boxes that sound as if ripped from synth-pop maestros like Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel or the Sakamoto/Sylvian collaborations played slower and lower. As exciting sub-areas of music-worlds become more established and exhausted (here the case being the vague “post-noise”/”experimental” scene) you’ve gotta ask, “Where to now???” My answer is RIGHT HERE. - Nic