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Raul Sanchez i Jorge - Clotho // Lachesis 2LP

Raul Sanchez i Jorge - Clotho // Lachesis 2LP

Wild Animals Records

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Raul Sanchez is possibly the busiest man in the Melbourne music scene.

Did you know that while he's not poking your eardrums with Magic Dirt, River Of Snakes and Midnight Woolf, Raul can be found putting his immeasurable talents to musical scores for both the big screen and the little one. Obviously, we at Wild Animals HQ have a bit of a 'thing' for Raul and have released a few things by him over recent years but it was whilst watching the 2018 film Undertow, a film for which Raul provided the musical score along with soundtrack-stalwarts James Orr and Lisa Gerard (of Dead Can Dance), that I really started to lean on Raul to give us some more of his music to release.

I'm sure he didn't really want more on his plate but he finally relented and we are so overjoyed to be able to bring this brooding collection of tracks to you.

Certainly for fans of Bohren & der Club of Gore, Eno & Fripp, Johann Johannsson...you get the idea!

Double album pressed on black/clear and black/blue vinyl. Outer sleeve hand printed with a lino cut by Raul. Various inserts. Limited to only 132 copies. Released on Wild Animals Records in Melbourne, 16th November 2019.

Sleeves are hand stamped, hand cut and hand numbered.