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Primo! - Sogni LP

Primo! - Sogni LP

Anti Fade

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Although listening to this album three times in the space of 2 hours (one Van Halen break) put me in a very good mood and re-energised my spirit in an overwhelming, but encouraging re-opening week, the act of trying to describe why Primo are a special proposition is causing me some mental distress. While not an overtly weird departure from their first LP, it's worth mentioning that they've prioritized a homely, rickety, slightly strange recording decisions over a shmick industry sanctioned sound that would often accidentally creep into a band with such pop sensibilities. Like a Alternative TV side project or Sandy Denny era Fairport Convention, the thing is full of atmosphere and they've used both 'space' and 'layers' with real tact.

Employing champion of interestingness Al "Snake" Montfort to handle recording was a smart idea, and it’s one of many clever considerations by the band. Saying all of that, I'm not sure this is the type of band you can efficiently execute, it kind of just has to happen, and I'm glad it did.

Here’s a list of cool bands Primo's Sogni reminds me of: Neo-Boys, The Raincoats, The Vaselines, Brilliant Colours, Life Without Buildings, Television Personalities, Young Marble Giants, Sunday Painters, The Cannanes etc etc etc.