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Primitive Motion & Anthony Burr - Breath Of Light Remains CS

Primitive Motion & Anthony Burr - Breath Of Light Remains CS


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Dream-like extended duration work from Brisbane duo Primitive Motion in collaboration with San Diego musician Anthony Burr. Breath of Light Remains is an improvised work recorded at PM HQ during one of BurrÕs sojourns to his Australian home town. Summertime neighbourhood sounds of children playing, local birdlife and cicadas drift into the home studio as the trio arc sound around the room and beyond, colouring the air in shades both light and dark as time stands still.

Anthony Burr has enjoyed a distinguished career both as an improviser and reader of contemporary composition. He has recorded key works of Alvin Lucier and Morton Feldman and has played with Jim OÕRourke, John Zorn and Laurie Anderson. He has released work in duo form with both Iclelandic bassist /composer Skœli Sverrisson and Australian pianist/composer Anthony Pateras. While principally renowned as a clarinettist, on Breath of Light Remains he drops time-dissolving notes from the piano in a beautifully measured and delicate performance.

Primitive Motion is the collaborative project of Brisbane artists Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig. Over the past decade they have recorded an extensive body of work, with five albums released to date of
their otherworldly musical dialogue, including a previous Guide to Saints edition. Their visual/audio collaborations have been exhibited, with a major work included in the 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. They have recorded and performed outdoor improvisations responsive to the natural environment, and on this release weave a group tapestry of floating sound with Burr that dissolves into the fading afternoon.