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Phran - Latent Effect 12"

Phran - Latent Effect 12"

Best Effort Records

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Phran returns to Best Effort with an incendiary array of dance floor heaters, transmogrifying his hypnotherapeutic impulses in some startlingly different ways.

Phran introduces his DJ Phidias persona on the A side of the 12”. Proceedings start with “Sisplau” and its darker complement, “Diamantera” - two cuts of twitchy latin drum programming, dub delay flourishes and freaky synth lines that recall the acid-drenched deliriousness of Villalobos' cooked conga sessions. The pitched-down B-Boy rhythms of “Dummy Text Generator” are a change of pace but are no less weird, setting an acrobatic, constantly contorting acid line over fizzing roland drums.

The B-side is fully submerged in murk - First on “Fleurhaus” and then when versioned on “Fleursky”. The former foregrounds the snappy drums and heavy bassline before seemingly drifting off into an abyss of echo, returning - albeit slightly - from the void on the ethereal “Fleursky”, where he’s joined by constant co-conspirator Ivy Barkakati on a Casio SA-39 keyboard. Amplifying the beautiful spaciness of the original while retaining the bass pressure, it’s a perfect implementation of dub’s alchemical processes .