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Petro & Crunche - Chunks C40 CS

Petro & Crunche - Chunks C40 CS

Altered States Tapes

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I wasn’t sure what to expect here as in pre-lockdown live sets Crunche (Lucy Cliché’s alter ego) entered some screaming moments of Hardcore Techno terror, plus local enigma Chris Petro is an untameable individual at the best of times. I mean this as a positive, a truly uncompromising human.

Could I be in for obnoxious acidic ear damage? Did you read the previous questions with a positive or negative connotation? Well, yeah, it’s bent and busted but also with enough solid electro rhythms and sci-fi squelches to satisfy the whole family.

The longform-ish bangers weave together like a live set have one ear to the jammed-out legacy of Jamal Moss and the other to Garry era Severed Heads. Not so much deconstructing the club but confusing the deep v-neck bros real good!

There’s an intuitive tact and weirdness here that really sets it apart. I’ve got a feeling this one will get a lot of repeat listens, looking forward to more Petro & Crunche collaborations! – Nic