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Perpets - Patina CD

Perpets - Patina CD


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Patina, the new cd from Perpets, is a set of beautiful and painterly atmospheric electric guitar explorations from the New Zealand duo of Antony Milton and Zac Winterwood.

Perpets as a 'project' is a means for exploring semi-formal minimalism with each track attempting to use only a restricted range of notes and with a focus on the decay of said notes. The compositional ideas behind the pieces frequently start out with a willful exploratory/experimental disregard for consonance, but somehow as a result of each of the players' long ingrained playing styles tend to drift back toward consonance.

There is an aesthetic gravity that comes into play.

“The photography was captured in a place named Rose Cottage. Located just outside the town of Lorne on the Australian Great Ocean Road. Perched high on a cliffside surrounded by beautiful native bush and bird life. We were heartbroken to learn that Rose Cottage was destroyed during a bushfire season. It will always remain a special place for us.” - Zac

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