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Paul Chain - Is Dead Volume 1 2LP

Paul Chain - Is Dead Volume 1 2LP

Horn Of Plenty

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I'm not usually one to dwell on the mystic, but I feel those who need this record will be intrinsically drawn to it by forces unknown.

Paul Chain is an Italian cult doom metal figure, autodidact and multi-instrumentalist. This double album collecting his more esoteric material has been put together by a label that's carving out a real niche for unique headscratchers, Horn Of Plenty.

Initial listens, without the context of him being a member of Death SS, had me place this music somewhere near Heldon, Ilitch, and maybe Sensations Fix (i.e. Euro-prog that's closer to the Kraut than Yes). But there's definitely a smear of occult rock / proto-extreme metal atmosphere here, even with the absence of distortion or guttural vocals.

Mr. Chain, you're a true eccentric.
- Nic