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Patrick Gibson + Michael Tee - Space Light Music CS

Patrick Gibson + Michael Tee - Space Light Music CS

Altered States Tapes

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Where to begin?

Probably best to mention that I’m honoured in being permitted to present this previously unissued, long-form piece from Patrick Gibson and Michael Tee, recorded in 1982.

I scoured the Information Autobahn lo’ and hi in search of any info on Space Light Music, with no dices thrown my direction.

I was however able to lay hands on a scan of a tape cover for the album, which must have only existed on the few copies gifted to friends of the duo. 

Further, from listening to another (not properly issued) recording of Michael and Patrick from this period, ‘What We Did to Amuse Ourselves One Thursday Evening at No 3 Wilshire Street’, it appears to have served as the source material for SLM. Later slowed down, warped and played over to end up in the form presented as the original installation and also here in 2021.

- Cooper Bowman, Altered States Tapes