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Papaphilia - Remembrance Of Things To Come LP

Papaphilia - Remembrance Of Things To Come LP

Heavy Machinery Records

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Papaphilia is the experimental electronic project of queer sound and visual artist Fjorn Bastos. Descended from South Asian and British heritages, Bastos works as a researcher and community organiser, interrogating the aesthetics of political representation and cultural supremacy in the content of the colony. Performing as Papaphilia, she continually draws the listener’s attention back to intangible experiences that guide embodied and ancestral forms and knowledges – rhythm, voice and emotion – transmitting the incredulity felt by those resisting oppressive power structures.

Papaphilia’s new release 'Remembrance of Things to Come' is a series of meditations on the cyclical character of time, and grieving the violence of life within the decaying colonial politics of so-called Australia. In collaboration with producers Kuya Neil and Various Asses, Papaphilia transformed her initial improvisations into a concise collection of high-intensity tracks.

'Remembrance' operates at the intersection of several dance idioms, intertwining hard kicks, industrial beats and acid oscillations with mutated vocals. - Heavy Machinery Records