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Nils Quack - Magnum Opus 2 CS

Nils Quack - Magnum Opus 2 CS

Oxtail Recordings

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Nils Quak has been recording and releasing music for over 25 years, as a solo artist and with a range of collaborations and bands. A committed amateur, he can be regarded as part of a scene that Rob Hayler of Radio Free Midwich called the no-audience underground.

On Magnum Opus 2 – his first release for Oxtail recordings – Quak explores the more atonal side of his practice while retaining a sense of focus and patience. Hushed rhythmic snippets flicker in the background like the muffled sound of your neighbour rummaging in his kitchen. Digital drones and chords undulate under blankets of static – strangely comforting radio transmissions from a long closed new age center that now is an artisan Kimchi place.

All recording are based on improvisations with a modular synthesizer..
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