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Nick Griffith - Something I Once Heard LP

Nick Griffith - Something I Once Heard LP

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Griffith’s most sincere body of work to date, Something I Once Heard speaks honestly and unashamedly about a range of significant life events experienced over the course of five years, from overcoming a serious diagnosis to new relationships and personal growth.

Griffith elaborates, “The lyrics are not intricate nor are they deliberately profound, but they are honest and speak unashamedly about the range of significant life events I was experiencing throughout the period in which I wrote it. I had no choice but to write this album and I think that’s what makes it special. I began writing the record on a holiday in Europe back in 2019. The nucleus of a lot of these songs and ideas were conceived in the hotel rooms and city streets of Spain and Portugal. I returned home with my head full of ideas and began writing what would become my second album. The album was coming together smoothly, and the demos represented the songs in their embryonic stage, but something else was growing inside me at that time that I wasn’t aware of. Something that would soon unpin the taught corners of my wellbeing to reveal a vortex of confusion. Throughout the turbulence, I reached for a pen as nothing more than a coping mechanism. I’d been cracked open, and I couldn’t help but write about it. These worried ramblings would complete the lyrics for Something I Once Heard.”

“I built the recordings up from the original demos, constantly working on them and retracking to get the right sound with the limited quality recording gear I had. I eventually called on the help of some good friends, recording acoustic guitar with Bowen Shakallis (Big White, Stranded Recording Studio), nylon string with Jordan Ireland (The Middle East) and backing vocals with Sophie McComish (Body Type), Ashley Bundang (Classic) and Annabel Blackman (Solo Career). I finished the record in my current home studio in Port Kembla, signifying the end of one damned chapter.”