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Nic Dalton - Romolo LP

Nic Dalton - Romolo LP

Half A Cow

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The first solo recordings by Nic Dalton – available on vinyl for the first time. All of these songs appeared on the Romolo 1986-88 cd (released in 1997) except two (Anniversary Song, Ring On Every Finger) which appeared on the Last Seen Near Trafalgar 1987-89 cd (released in 2008).

In late 1985 the Plunderers decided to leave their hometown of Canberra and move to Melbourne, finding a terrace called 'Romolo' on the edge of West Melbourne, a few blocks from the Victoria Street Markets. They bought a Tascam 244 four track machine and recorded many songs. Whilst the other Plunderers slept in during the day, Nic would record more songs. The band moved to Sydney at the end of 1986 where more four tracks were recorded.

Some of these songs would find their place on the Love Positions Billiepeebup (the first long-player released on Half A Cow in 1990) but the rest wouldn’t be released until the Romolo cd. Nic says: “I've never treated my 4-track recordings as 'demos'. Why going to all the bother of borrowing drums, borrowing a car, an amp, a 12-string or electric guitar, hiring a space, getting the drum tracks as good as possible and then calling it a demo?”