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Neu! - Neu! '86 LP

Neu! - Neu! '86 LP


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Has anyone ever suggested that the greatest protest song to emerge from the continent of Europe is off of an album called Neu! '86 and is titled 'La Bomba (Stop Apartheid World-Wide!)'?? Well today I'm going to do not only that but also suggest that Neu! '86 is as vital as any of their studio records!

While my enthusiasm for this record is extremely real, I think calling it my favourite Neu album is a slightly contrarian impulse designed to annoy self-serious fans of (so-called) Krautrock. I feel a bit sorry for anyone that thinks this is an abomination to their legacy or c-grade 80s synth pop. Pure joy! - Nic

P.S. Get well soon Michael Rother!