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Nathan Roche - Drink Up, Rainforest Sinatra LP

Nathan Roche - Drink Up, Rainforest Sinatra LP

Gone With The Weed

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My man! Hard to believe it's been 6 years since Nathan Roche's last LP under his own name. To be fair, he has been busy with Le Villejuif Underground, C.I.A Debutante (fans of early Cabaret Voltaire and The Shadow Ring take note) and dabbling in other areas of 'The Arts'.

Here on 'Drink Up, Rainforest Sinatra' the Townsville Troubadour is back in classic Roche Mode™.

Yes he's still using the same 2-chord song structures but this purposely honed set of limitations has more than enough chaos and personality to keep things fun and interesting.

Nathan's rock 'n' roll formula was broke, he's fixed it, but also kept it that beautiful brokenness. Following Nathan's continued creative journey now feels like a triumph over the global forces of pragmatism.

He's like a 21st Century, Tropical North Queesland bred take on Lou Reed, Alex Chilton or Jim Carrol.
- Nic