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Muura - Old Strainz... Still Blazed CS

Muura - Old Strainz... Still Blazed CS

Chemical Imbalance

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From Chemical Imbalance:

All sounds by Matthew Earle aka head honcho of prolific OZ DIY tape & CDR label, Breakdance the Dawn. // Recorded sometime in the 2010’s, (somewhere) in Australia.

Both of these outsider treasures, are archival pieces that were previously released*/ privately unleashed in some sorta capacity via his "secret" techno* CDR label, called Smoking Cones, notably packaged w/ barely readable, [v. little] handwritten info on the frontside .. mostly just the date, SC cat. no. & the act's name or his signature on torn off+folded delivery dockets, in resealable plastic sleeves. But good luck tracking down copies of the extensive catalogue, heh.