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Mountain Movers - World What World LP

Mountain Movers - World What World LP

Trouble In Mind

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Another release from the prolific New Haven shredder scene, the new LP from Mountain Movers features the kind of heavy exploratory psych that we’ve come to know and love from the group!

Expansive jams that evoke Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Can, or something on PSF. There’re songs here but they sprawl and seem to extend endlessly into space only to be wrapped up by fade-outs—gotta fit them on the disc somehow I guess?

In my opinion, everything Kryssi Battalene features on is gold, and this is no exception! A bit of a superlative I know, but I reckon I’d be willing to die on the hill that says that Battalene is the best contemporary guitarist. Something about her playing sounds like she’s wrangling the electricity that courses through the instrument—both feedback heavy and tonal at the same time. A shredder like no other!
-Mitch (Repressed Records)