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Mount Trout - Petrol Bush LP

Mount Trout - Petrol Bush LP

Albert's Basement

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I’m picturing a very specific audience that’ll absolutely love this record, and while I’m yet to read The Art of the Deal... I think I can pitch it very succinctly: A midpoint between Blue Divers and Mad Nanna’s most jukebox friendly singles.

Reductive and hyper-specific, but hopefully along with a few other endorsements it can spiral into some wider unground interest as this Tasmanian trio is deserving of attentive ears and polite applause.

Fluid, jazzy, folk-ish independent rock with flourishes of dexterity, a taste of shronk and a diffused morning sunshine atmosphere. If you’re picturing a Drag City supersession featuring Mick Turner, Jim White, Palace Bros, David Grubbs etc you’re spot on. - Nic