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Mike Nigro - In Communion CS

Mike Nigro - In Communion CS

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Mike Nigro is an electronic musician and label operator currently based in Sydney, Australia (previously Brooklyn, NY and Newark, DE). His solo practice and collaborations draw inspiration from the minimalists, early synthesizer pioneers, and contemporary experimental underground. His work aims to thread the needle between musicality and noise; movement and stasis; synthetics and organics.

In Communion is his first solo record in nearly five years, time that he spent collaborating and performing with Andrew Osterhoudt, Aviary, Primitive Fiction, Toasted Focus, and more. Written and recorded after relocating to Sydney, In Communion is his most ambitious and accomplished work yet, a result of turning inward after time spent hashing out ideas and techniques with his co-conspirators in basements, bedrooms, and bars all across the USA.

The touchstones of his previous records are all there: lush pads and wandering melodies cut through with noise and processed sounds, but this time around the zones are deeper, the leads cleaner, the static sharper. The record, then, looks back fondly on the past, and eagerly toward the future: make new sounds but keep the old.