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Meat Thump - Box Of Wine 7"

Meat Thump - Box Of Wine 7"

Negative Guest List

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Simply the best, and the critics agree..

"It’d be easy for a lot of people coming at this record to deify it; the only sliver of output to make it out from a flat out brilliant writer who totally got it, who also died far too young and under far too unfortunate of circumstances. Do yourself a favor: don’t read into these Meat Thump songs. They’re not about Brendon’s demise, and the fact that it happened could not have influenced these songs, anyway, which were the product of a working band, with a pretty good concept of what rock music is/what life is, and from the sound of these two last call reminiscences from the bottom of the glass, just figuring out its sound. You get two mid-tempo Velvets/Jim Shepard style stumblers here, one seeking solace in the bag inside the box, the other bemoaning the universal truth “if it doesn’t feel good/why do I do it?” A tough question, for sure, and that someone so young would be asking it shows the type of thinker we were dealing with here – a profound one, with the common touch and the good sense to not rely on it. I hope that more Meat Thump recordings surface. 300 copies."
(Doug Mosurock - STILL SINGLE)

"This is 7" of the year for me, featuring the late great Brendon Annesley of Negative Guest List on guitar and vocals. As excellent a lyricist as he was a writer, two songs of A-grade downer slop rock. Pure rock n roll magic." - Nic Warnock, RIP Society Records