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Maxine Funke - Pieces Of Driftwood LP

Maxine Funke - Pieces Of Driftwood LP


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Collecting an array of singles, EPs, and non-album tracks, this latest Maxine Funke release highlights the hazy psychedelia that has swirled in the background of her work for years. Where in the past tape loops, synth mist, and field recordings have hovered in the periphery, these are brought closer to the fore, opening with an instrumental collaboration with Alastair Galbraith and featuring the much whispered about (but scantily distributed) collaboration with P Wits on Chemical Imbalance in full.

But that’s not to say that the classic home-fi of Funke’s work is missing. The pared back folk of other releases is still present here, with South Dunedin stopping me in my tracks with every listen.

An ideal comp for both Funke-heads and newcomers alike.