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Matthew Hayes & Charlie Perry - Barricade LP

Matthew Hayes & Charlie Perry - Barricade LP

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Matthew Hayes and Charlie Perry come together to present Barricade, a record that instills hope and softness with a delicate balance of intricate bass guitar, electronic ambience and spoken word. The fusing of these elements imbues a sense of vulnerability, introspection and hopefulness throughout the entirety of the record, inspiring a calmness and beauty that emerges from amongst the ceaseless din of the world around us.

Hayes approached fellow musician and spoken word artist Charlie Perry at the beginning of 2020, to collaborate on some recordings originally written while on tour in Europe. The pair instantly hit it off and the idea to complete a record together was formed, not to be set back by the shutdown of the world almost immediately after. Hayes, caught in Europe mid-tour, based himself in the south of France, while Perry retreated to Australia's southern coastline in the small beachside town of Fairhaven. This cross continental collaboration continued over many months as the world around them reeled from the results of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The album features other notable collaborations, such as the guest appearance of renowned saxophonist and JK Group bandleader Joshua Kelly on 'Introduction'; the one and only Allysha Joy delivers her unique talent with a soft yet powerful performance on 'I Can Hear You', and the versatile brilliance of Aarti Jadu shines in 'You Care I Know'.

As a whole, this record is a document of the power of creativity, community and hopefulness in a world that stands disjointed. It is a record that embraces rawness and vulnerability, and is executed with a sophisticated nuance and ease.