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Mark Harwood - Offering LP

Mark Harwood - Offering LP

Penultimate Press

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Penultimate Press label head Mark Harwood once again manages to have a very distinct (anti?) musical voice in a realm that can sometimes feel a little plagued by indistinctiveness. While there are some passages of sméagol-like uneasiness, generally the palette of voice, field recordings and normal instruments (played semi-normally) have been shaped, taped and edited (with help from Graham Lambkin) to form an engaging, obtuse but trance inducing sound-narrative. Choice work! - Nic


Offering is Mark Harwood’s second LP and is an album of songs about geography and placement and the way people choose to move across the surface of our planet. His simple tools of acoustic guitar, voice, tapes and bric-a-brac give Mark the freedom and clarity of vision to offer hope in song to those who choose to hear him. Offering is more than we deserve in these lousy times - it is calm and it is forgiving, but it is also sharp and can cut. It is wise and all-inclusive but Offering is never blind and sees the world as truth, as if on a TV screen. Recorded in Berlin 2021 and mixed/edited in London by Graham Lambkin, Offering is only that, but it asks to be accepted.