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Maraudeur - Puissance 4 LP

Maraudeur - Puissance 4 LP

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I’ve uncovered very little info about Maraudeur. I can’t even figure out if they’re from Leipzig or Geneva. Maybe this degree of mystery heightens my huge enjoyment of this record?

Maraudeur aren’t trying to situate themselves in some neat musical legacy but for word-limit sake they are a post-punk band. Not in the contemporary 2D genre-exercise meaning, but music in the post-punk spirit of unlocking a collective creativity with whatever means are available.

Yes, it reminds me of an early Scritti Politti or Kleenex 7”, but more so in approach than being audibly similar. File next to other 21st Century classics of the troubling post-punk descriptor like Cheveu, Low Red Centre, Theoreme, Chronophage, Bent and Cured Pink.
- Nic