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Maharadja Sweets - Now A Yak CD CS

Maharadja Sweets - Now A Yak CD CS

Oxtail Recordings

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So far Maharadja Sweets' diverse output for Oxtail Recordings has included the final installment of a science fiction trilogy, an album about backyard critters, and a joyful guitar crunch-fest. This time out he takes poet William Carlos Williams' adage "no ideas but in things" and applies it to the city he loves and its environs with a new spoken word album.

As a long time New Yorker and licensed New York City sightseeing guide, M. Sweets is intimately familiar with the special moments the cityÕs farther-out regions have to offer. Let him share the infinite potential of the five (and honorary sixth and seventh) boroughs by way of poetic recaps of excursions he has made with friends: hiking in the Bronx, watching jetskiiers on New York Bay, eating fish cakes on the Coney Island Pier.

On "Now A Yak CD" - the title of the project plays on the city it is about, the fact that it is a spoken word album, and his appreciation of nature within the context of urban grit and detritus - he stitches together journal entries, synth sketches, and stock-music readymades, framing NYC as a fascinating alien world not unlike those he explored on narrative classics like "The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside" (Moss Archive) and "In an Orange Milky Way" (Orange Milk Records).

In this era of virtual everything as we wait hopefully for the planet to kick into gear again - let this be your adventure to all sorts of wonderful places that are temporarily beyond our reach.