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Low Flung - The landscape has become a bed CD

Low Flung - The landscape has become a bed CD

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A CD release…in this economy??? Makes a hell of a lot of sense if you ask me.

But it also completes the rare quadruple format release cycle from Low Flung/Danny Wild in the last 12 months, with an LP, a 7”, and a couple of new tapes also passing through the store, all of which with a slightly different approach but each of utmost quality!

‘The landscape has become a bed’ sees Low Flung in full blown immersive-ambient mode. Flickers of modular synth patterns overlay field recordings made across the east coast. Listening to this one loud reveals it not as some sort of deep listening exercise or ambient-beats-to-study-to music, but rather a bodily, immersive, yet intricately constructed album. Perhaps my favourite Low Flung release so far!