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LOU - For The Morning LP

LOU - For The Morning LP

Sorcerer Records

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LOU is Melbourne-based guitarist/singer Sarah Hardiman who has played in bands such as Deaf Wish, Brick Head and Nightclub; as well as, Moon Rituals, a collaboration with Mikey Young.

Recording under the alias LOU, their debut album presents something quite different. Written and recorded alone over two days in Beechworth in mid-2021, 'For The Morning' features eight bucolic, instrumental, guitar-based tracks which combine a country morning flavour with lush and melodic lyricism.

Perhaps the most obvious (or easy) musical comparisons would be the twang 'n' strum of William Tyler, Bill Frisell or American instrumentalists, Pell Mell. Or perhaps Manchester's Durutti Column minus the Englishness. Sarah/LOU released For The Morning as a purely digital album on September the 1st, 2021, to great acclaim and regular spins on local stations, 3PBS and 3RRR. It soon caught the ears of Sorcerer Records' head stooge, Dave Lang, who decided that such an excellent release deserved physical form as some sort of mark of its quality and for folks to enjoy as a musical artefact.

The album features stunning artwork from local artist-designer Carl Breitkreutz which perfectly complements its sonics: expressive and slightly sun-washed. Sorcerer Records have pressed up 300 copies on vinyl, housed in a lovely matte sleeve. - Sorcerer Records