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Little Wings - Froggy's LP

Little Wings - Froggy's LP

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"FROGGY'S": Now For EVERYONE! ... but what joy is this slow release these days! A new virtually homemade Little Wings album... for all new enjoyment. Plenty of pleasure spun into these new songs, plenty to sink one's teeth into.

Based on a now defunct restaurant in Topanga Canyon California, Froggy's in it's hey day was an inconsistent slap dash affair with some vibrant and rotten nooks and crannies, filled with gloom and haunted sound, mood and libation, much like this creation here. Originally built in 19*coughcoughcough* as the first Topanga Canyon schoolhouse and later bought and owned by Mr. Neil Young (don't know when doesn't matter) this seemingly cursed location has traded hands and been scam wise bought and resold many many times, but it's function never seems to stick.

The Froggy's songs were written in one morning in one sitting to test out a new recording device before we started working on PEOPLE. In addition to these one morning poems, Froggy's serves also as a generous container for outtakes i.e. beloved songs that came our way in the “same” way that any songs came but their timing was strange perhaps ("Wild Bamboo" "Camarillo By Morning" "What From The Sky" "Picture Me Grom") songs that came after "Explains" and while the "PEOPLE" songs were being written, It therefore also has a mixtape / collage feel.

A friend and I had one hair boy brained scheme to open a coffee cart but realized that with the steady flow of unending and unyielding traffic, likely no one would stop.. thus the vamping "Toot Toot" number.

"Crust Of Bread" is about the Library and a certain Aqualung type character that I saw walking up the canyon once when I was in Eigth grade... a grey wizard with cloak, staff and all. This album is an unflinching and sometimes darkly comedic portrait of a very popular canyon in southern California, and musically perhaps a bit passe but the complexity buried in it's pages continues to reveal itself upon repeat listens... spoils go to the true diggers.