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Little Skull - Untitled LP

Little Skull - Untitled LP

Horn Of Plenty

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Necessary, and slightly expanded, vinyl edition of the first Little Skull long player which was originally released as a micro-edition CD-R on Students of Decay in 2009.

Written, performed and recorded by Dean Brown on borrowed and home made instruments during a year spent living in a cold colonial-era house across the street from Len Lye's childhood home in Aro Valley, Wellington.

Fashioning a bass from a coffee can and elastic band, using the home's antique doorbell, and unavoidably including the seeping sounds of domestic hum and clutter; Untitled is a raw and vital document cognate with later Little Skull offerings as it teases elemental folk, noise, rock and chamber music from the barest of tools.

Presented on clear smoke effect vinyl with a printed foldover cover and handmade semi-opaque cracked outer cover. - Horn Of Plenty