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Lewsberg – The Downer 12"

Lewsberg – The Downer 12"


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Vinyl version of self-released 2017 cassette. Lewsberg from Rotterdam is a 4-piece named after writer and fellow Rotterdam citizen Robert Loesberg, famous for his novel Enige Defecten from 1974. That is the greatest source of inspiration for the band: counterculture and big city cynicism of the 60s and 70s. Lewsberg makes rudimentary repetitive rock songs characterized by nonchalant intensity. The english lyrics, brought with a Rotterdam accent, show a tendency towards existentialism and black humor.

3 song, single sided 12" 2020 reissue of Lewsberg's 2017 cassette.

1) Chances
2) The Downer
3) Vicar's Cross, Pt. 1

comes w/ poster insert