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Lewers - 518A LP

Lewers - 518A LP

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Featuring members of Orion, Diat, Itchy Bugger and Rapid Dye, the Lewers mine completely different territory and are best described as a pop minded, avant leaning group that revolves around counter points and a pure approach.

Both positive and negative space are utilised. Instruments move where they want or need to be. Control and chaos have equal consideration. A wide range of emotions are explored. There is a focus on the relationship between harmony and dissonance. The emphasis on atmosphere is heavy. Motifs are loose. The guitars hit like a wave. Delays refract and ricochet off the wall. A steady buzzing drum machine the only constant in this sonic cocktail.

Lead single ‘O Karina’ is the very definition of a slow burn. You can’t quite tell if it’s meticulously constructed or could fall apart any moments as the instruments weave in and out before building to an anti-climax and transforming into a washed out lament that wouldn’t be out of place on NZ’s legendary Xpressway label.