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Letha Rodman-Melchior - Shimmering Ghost LP

Letha Rodman-Melchior - Shimmering Ghost LP


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Shimmering Ghost is a series of pieces where textural aspects and could-be songs weave in and out of each other creating a hazy, cinematic listening experience.

While there's no shortage of this basic premise in modern music there's a kind and incredibly human quality to Shimmering Ghost, not so much in an effort to make supposedly-marginal music accessible, but because from all accounts that's just who Letha was. It's a document that paints a wide open world and while we have filed it under "Experimental", I feels it exists somewhere near the tradition of folk music.

After we wrote a review of her 2013 LP Handbook For Mortals (Siltbreeze, 2013) Letha got in touch to thank us for the kind words and that it encouraged her to continue on with the next one even under difficult personal circumstances. This is that record, but unfortunately she never got to see it's release after a long battle with cancer. While I never met Letha her music and story has found a special, heartwarming place in my experience of music.