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Le Pine - Le Pine CS

Le Pine - Le Pine CS

Under Heat

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From Under Heat... Le Pine are a band based out of Naarm (Melbourne). For a while their sound was categorised with a sense of youthful slack borrowing from various sounds popular on a certain youth radio station. That’s the past, I don’t like the past. Le Pine cut their hair and stabbed and warped enough instruments to find their own unique brand of hardcore. They aren’t content staying on one riff or one idea for more than 10 seconds constantly swapping and smashing together sick riffs.

Screams of frustration so direct and precise it’ll leave a bullet hole, Will screams with a sense of passion very few hardcore vocalists can dream of having. The songs aren’t the exact same 2 riffs backed by the same drums and indistinguishable vocals about hating your parents, its catchy in the best possible way. It reminds me of a souped up Meanies with a bit of early NY hardcore thrown in there for a good soup.

Le Pine.. was recorded in lockdown by lead singer Will, the frustration reflects the dreary and awful times the world was and still is living through, its a record to scream along to while driving into a brick wall

Have you picked out your coffin?