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Kadonnut Manner - Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol 4 LP

Kadonnut Manner - Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol 4 LP

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The fourth album of hand built Finnish fingerpicked instrumental guitar music by Kadonnut Manner will be released into the wild on 7th of April, 2023. Recorded in second half of 2022, two years after the artist moved up north to Rovaniemi, the city on the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, and also after a 64 show European tour from March to May '22 that helped to hone the music to the final form heard on the album.

The album includes ten tracks, one traditional Finnish folk piece for kantele from the 18th century arranged for guitar and 9 original compositions. One acoustic guitar in five differrent open tunings, no overdubs or extra trickery. The overall mood is bit more sombre than on the previous albums, but there are definite glimpses of light and hope spread throughout the record too.

Kadonnut Manner ("the lost continent") is the stage name of Lauri Manner, an acoustic guitar picker from the Northern Finland that he has used for making music influenced by John Fahey school of American Primitive Guitar that mixes the country blues form with things borrowed from different folk traditions and other inspiring sources. Before taking up the acoustic guitar Manner had played bass in punk and hardcore bands for 20 years, and that background can still be heard in the raw approach, honesty and emotional intensity of the music.