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Jon & Robin - The Singles LP

Jon & Robin - The Singles LP

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A Foray Of ‘60s Pop Singles!

Weaving magical love-ballad sounds with hipper, Sgt. Pepper-era styles, Jon & Robin hit the national Top Twenty with the infectious “Do It Again a Little Bit Slower.” Their singles, ever whimsical and glib, encapsulate that mid-60s foot-tapping beat just before it went out of style.

In their strikingly ephemeral existence, Jon & Robin released two albums and over a dozen singles, hitting the national Top 20 once and scoring a couple of regional hits. Behind those innocuous statistics lies a story as bizarre—and ultimately, as tragic—as anything in the annals of popular music. The tale involves a wealthy record label mogul, his mentally unstable son's consuming obsession with pop stardom, and an assortment of talented individuals swept up in the family drama. Perhaps the oddest element of the story is that the scenario actually spawned a fair amount of distinctive and memorable music.

The recorded output of Jon & Robin is a fascinating aural keepsake of the unique circumstances surrounding its creation. It captures the sound of a unique moment in musical history, when mainstream pop collided with the emerging spirit of psychedelia - all to produce a manner of unlikely yet delightful oddities. With one foot in the teen innocence of pre-Beatles pop and the other in the mod sensibility of Sgt. Pepper-era rock, the duo's body of work retains considerable charm almost six decades after its birth.


I Want Some More • You Don’t Care • How Come • I Can’t Make It Without You • Gift Of Love • Do It Again (A Little Bit Slower) • If I Need Someone It’s You • Truly, Truly True • Dr. Jon (The Medicine Man) • Drums • Love Me Baby • Hey Girl (Hey Boy) • Thursday Morning • There’s An American Flag On The Moon