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Jon Gibson - Two Solo Pieces LP

Jon Gibson - Two Solo Pieces LP

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For his second album, Two Solo Pieces, Jon Gibson forgoes the dense, multi-layered timbres of Visitations in favor of simple textures and tone. While Two Solo Pieces serves up further evidence of Gibson's centrality to American minimalism —witness its inclusion in Alan Licht's famed Minimal Top Ten list—this profoundly intimate record also reveals the beauty of enclosed spaces and infinite harmonic vistas.

As its unadorned title suggests, Two Solo Pieces consists of a pair of side-long tracks featuring the composer alone. While "Cycles," an iridescent improvisation on organ, achieves a downright eerie sense of expansiveness, Gibson's captivating alto flute on "Untitled" draws the listener inside the instrument itself.

The photo on the album's back cover—a seated Gibson surrounded by cascading rows of organ pipes and the vaulted ceiling in Manhattan's Peace Church—offers a striking visual complement to these gorgeous recordings.

Originally released in 1977 on Philip Glass' Chatham Square imprint, this first-time vinyl reissue is recommended for fans of Anthony Moore, Roberto Cacciapaglia and Terry Riley.