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Jim  Shepard - Heavy Action 3LP

Jim Shepard - Heavy Action 3LP


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We did it! We secured copies of this hefty collection of unreleased material by the illusive Jim Shepard. Even as someone that's worked their whole adult life in a record store, I've found it hard to get a grip on Jim Shepard's body of work. I mean that both physically I've found it hard to get my hands on his music and also have had a hard time wrapping my head around it. Recording from the early 70s til his death in the late 90s Shepard's music fits into the Midwest post-hippie/proto-punk zone of MX80 Sound, Pere Ubu, The Styrenes etc as well as it does the 90s "Lo-Fi" scene. He's released music on Siltbreeze, co-written songs with Robert Pollard, was a member of Ego Summit (Mike Rep, Ron House etc) so while I can locate him in a particular USA Underground Rock traditon there's something else very special I can't explain. Across this set, you really get to step into his world. It's an act of care and love from all involved. - Nic