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Isobel D'Cruz & Simon J Karis - Cassowary Paint CS

Isobel D'Cruz & Simon J Karis - Cassowary Paint CS

Nice Music

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Nice Music presents the debut recording from the duo of Isobel D'Cruz (Hantu, Hexdebt) and sound artist/label head Simon J Karis.

A fluid collaboration based on the wordless intuition shared by two close friends, 'Cassowary Paint' blossoms with distant ecstasy and psychedelic uncertainty. Synth tones loiter in dense plumes over Karis' pointillist sample collage and programming, generously opening up rich tundra for D'Cruz's breathy flute maneuvers and ominous electric bass lyricisms.

Live, the duo wriggles through slightly differing paths along the landscape featured in this recording, constantly improvising and refining as a vital thread in their practice.