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Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP

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Metal has been quite helpful for my mental wellbeing this lockdown! Contemporary thrashers Rabid Beast and Ripper have got me once again reaching for Iron Age’s The Sleeping Eye. It’s an interesting point in Metal/Punk cross pollination history that helped paved the way for the ascent of Power Trip.

We first received The Sleeping Eye as a distro item from Distort Fanzine in 2009. The particular pressing was on Tee Pee Records, a very 4-20 friendly “stoner rock” imprint. I mention this as it sets the confusing tone for the record: cult hardcore crossing into thrash/metal with a bad-trip psychedelic edge.

“Youth crew kids get on the ganja” is a silly oversimplification but if it gets someone to check out this monstrous LP I’ll keep it in there.
- Nic