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Introduction - Introduction CS

Introduction - Introduction CS

Tenth Court

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With their debut self-titled cassette out on Tenth Court, Introduction are a new trio out of Adelaide that don’t need a lot of introducing, featuring members of Wireheads, Fair Maiden, Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets.

This is a tape of ethereal, minimalist pop music. At times dreamy and contemplative, and at other times barreling forward with a sense of urgency. It’s the kind that in my mind evokes moody arthouse-y scenes of late night driving, probably along some sort of large body of water flecked with reflections of street lamps.

Post-punk inflected bass lines, synth, chorus-ed out guitar, and ethereal vocals that evoke groups like Stereolab or Broadcast but done with an understated minimalism that situates them alongside the likes of Carla Dal Forno, HTRK, or the early Sweet Whirl tape. -Mitch