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Ike Yard - Night After Night LP

Ike Yard - Night After Night LP

Superior Viaduct

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Ike Yard formed in NYC in 1980, sitting somewhere adjacent to the No Wave scene but switching the hi-energy confrontation of DNA, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks etc for a more subtle, lurking approach to fusing synthesizers and ‘rock band’ instrumentation.

This, their first 12” found a home on Brussels based label Les Disques Du Crépuscule, and their debut LP (which we’ve also got in stock) was the only US band to be released on the short-lived Factory America. Yes, the Manchester institution Factory Records! You’d think this group would be more well known considering this link but never mind.

Ike Yard has a sound that would’ve fit right in on the M-Squared label, or next to 21st century local favourites M.O.B., Exek or Cured Pink (new album on the way FYI!). Their closest contemporaries at the time would’ve been the Bay Areas Factrix or Cabaret Voltaire. There’s a reservedness here with an undertone of dread that set’s it aside from the accentuated anger of most early industrial groups.

Seemingly they’re more revered in electronic music circles. I get why as you could put them in some proto-techno basket with Craig Leon’s Nommos and Robert Turman’s Way Down but this is certainly NOT rave-friendly! Affective stuff. - Nic